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Japanese traditional Haori Kimono

Timless treasures trapped in the closet

It is said that there are 800 million kimonos stored in closets and wardrobes around the world. Sadly many of these beautiful kimonos are discarded every year for various reasons such as being too "old"; there not being an occasion to wear one; taking up too much space; or simply because there is nobody left who knows how to wear them.

Kimono, Obi, and other Kimono Accessories (i.e Geta, Zoori, Obijime, etc.) are all made by expert artisans, not machines. However the number of artisans who make these items are decreasing, along with the demand for Kimono. We cannot overlook this growing problem. We want to do what we can to reverse this unfortunate trend. We believe that nomatter how small you are you can leave an impact on the world if you try!

What is the Japanese concept of Mottainai?

We feel that it is a shame to throw away something of value that was painstakingly made with much care and dedication. This feeling is expressed as "mottainai" in Japanese. Recently, the "Mottainai" movement is spreading all over the world as people are trying reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate waste, and reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Japanese Traditional Haori Kimono


Enjoy Kimono, Haori, and more unique finds! One of a kind fashions made by dedicated craftsmen!

All of the items offered by Kimono Harvest are made of high quality fabric that will last for decades to come. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy each piece thoroughly and wear them often. In addition, since these are one-of-a-kind items, you can enjoy your unique fashion with the confidence of knowing that your Kimono, Haori, Zori Sandals, etc. is YOURS and isn't currently being worn by hundreds of others like most western fashions.