Our Grading Standard for Kimono, Haori, and Obi

We take pride in providing high quality items. Almost all our Kimono & Haori are in Mint or Excellent condition. We will only offer items that are of lesser quality should the rarity, style, or fabric be desirable enough to out weigh the quality issue. Any and all quality issues will be listed on each product page with the quality rating.

Grade Condition

Mint A

 (New Old Stock)

This item has never been worn and there are no fading, stains, or threadbare spots.

Mint B

 (New Old Stock)

Although this item has never been worn there are very small stains or color fading. Any stains/fading will not be visible when worn.
Excellent This item may have been worn once, if at all and is in perfect condition. There are no stains, fading, or threadbare spots.
Good This item has been worn and may have a few stains and signs of weathering but is still wearable.
Fair There are small stains, tearing, or threadbare portions on the fabric which may be noticable when worn. However, the item is still wearable and in good condition overall.
OK (or) Poor There are obvious stains, tearing, or imperfections in portions of the fabric. However it is not irreparable.
Poor (or) Salvage This item is suitable for a style reference or to be remade into something else. There are stains, tearing, or imperfections that make it unsuitable for wearing.